(Phantoms specifically.)

The Phantom Laboratory manufactures dependable, high-precision phantoms and innovative custom solutions for medical imaging and radiation therapy. High-tech solutions and US handcrafting all in one client – that's real!


Highly technical, sleek and sophisticated, this site sets the tone for the brand. Navigation is simple and clean with a drop down that contains product thumbnails for easy and quick identification. The result is a website with a presence that personifies Phantom Laboratory's leadership in the industry.


This pocket sized overview of products was designed for stealthy portability and quick reference in a trade show environment. Each product has a handy QR code taking readers directly to the webpage of that product for more information – a great example of web and print playing well together.


Sometimes traditional advertising is the best way to get the word out, especially when it's in a trade publication you know your customers read. Technical in nature due to the highly targeted audience, these ads are intended to help viewers identify the products they are familiar seeing, but may not know by name or vendor.